What if stocks lose 50% of their value the way that they did at the turn of the century (2000-2002)? What if stocks collapse by 50%-plus the way that they did in the agonizing financial crisis (2008-2009)? Will you really hold everything in your portfolio through thin and thick, hoping that ultra-low interest rates can make you whole after five anxiety-riddled years?

We created the FTSE Custom Multi-Asset Stock Hedge (MASH) Index for investors to sleep more soundly, knowing that there are alternatives to watching a portfolio plunge in value alongside broader stock assets. The index does not short or use margin. Rather, it offers the benefit of diversification across multiple asset avenues.

While the index lets you track the returns of non-equity assets that have historically succeeded when stocks have plummeted, a combination of non-equity assets may perform in any environment.

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